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Aquarium of Niagara Donation

Second grade made and sold penguin cookie trays for their

Christmas service project. They decided to give the proceeds

to the Humboldt penguins at the Aquarium of Niagara. They even

tooka trip to make their generous donation in person! 


Christmas Celebrations!

From hanging our place value stockings to making all

kinds of gingerbread houseswe had tons of fun

celebrating Christmas in 2nd grade!



Albright Knox

We loved going to the art museum for a field trip!

Our tour guide was impressed with our wonderful

imaginations, as we were trying to analyze each 

piece of artwork! enlightened


Odd or Even? Ask these turkeys!

We have been learning about odd and even 

numbers! We know that we have to look at the

ones place to see which it is... Take a look at our

turkey feathers to see how we did!


Our "Gumball Machine" Movie Day!

If our whole class is doing great and making

good choices in 2nd grade we get gumballs added

to a gumball machine! We finally filled it up and

got to pick a class prize... movie day! We watched 

Sherlock Gnomes and enjoyed some YUMMY snacks!


Place Value Fun

Miss Sweet even gave us a challenge to count and 

bundle a whole basket of sticks into groups of tens and

hundreds. We found out that she had 1,000 sticks in all!

Then, we got to try it with a friend! enlightened


The best Halloween candies!

We used what we know about opinion writing to tell

about our favorite kinds of Halloween candies!

Check out our awesome work!


Measurement Monster Mash

We learned to use our centimeter rulers by making our own

monsters and then measuring different parts of their bodies.

They are all so creative and perfect for Halloween!cheeky


What's the MATTER in root beer floats?

Science can be sweet too! We got to make root beer floats

to finish up our unit on matter. See if you can spot the 

3 different states of matter in our root beer floats.


Friendship MATTERS!

To start our science unit on Matter, we asked 

our friends about some things they like to do with

solids, liquids, and gases. Here are a just a few things

we found out: we eat solid apples, drink liquid water,

and blow up balloons that are made of gas! laugh


Mystery Bags!

We are thinking like scientists... we used different adjectives

to describe these "mystery bag" items to our classmates!


Our First Class Picture

Just look at these smarties!!! heart


How Sweet It Is!

How sweet it is to be in 2nd grade with Miss Sweet!

Keep your eye out for our "sweet" work. 

It will be on display here in our hallway!